Best Free and Cheap tools for Businesses

Running a business, especially a start up or a smaller scale business is stressful and challenging. The modern business operating environment has so many more hurdles and challenges than it did over a decade or two ago. The good news is that for all the extra work created by the internet, it also serves up some pretty neat solutions. We break down our list of some essential tools (ranging from free to cheap) that every business owner needs to utilise to succeed in the modern day market.

1. Google my business

Google gives you a free profile where you can display information, updates, opening hours, directions and other information from the search results page. Super handy and totally free.

2. Google Analytics

Track how many people visit your site, from where. and what they do on it. Incredibly handy and again, free as a bird.

3. Google adWords and adSense

More from Google. Advertise your own business online or earn some cash by letting others advertise on your site. Free to set up but you pay as you go with full flexibility.

4. Unbounce

Create custom landing pages to increase conversions and better target different customers. 30 day free trial.

5. Canva

Free and easy to use graphic design app which allows you to create everything form social media graphics to posters and CVs in minutes. There's a pro version too.

6. Mailchimp

Email marketing done right and above all, easy. The free version lets you send over 10,000 emails to 2,000 individuals so that's plenty to get you off to a good start. Just remember to get those email addresses fair and square with GDPR.

7. Evernote

Never forget anything again. Evernote allows you to keep track of practically anything you want. Everything is synced to the cloud so you can work anywhere.

8. Hootsuite

Perfect tool for managing multiple social media accounts form the one place. 

9. Pixabay and Unsplash

Free to use quality images. It's where we get most of our generic images for this site.

10. Dropbox or Google Drive

Backup everything. Simple.


Free and easy to use chat system for your website.

12. Coverr

Free stock videos for your website or social media

13. weTransfer

Transfer large files that are too big for email.

14. TinyJPG and TinyPNG

Compress images to reduce the size but not the quality.

15. Mobile Speed Test from Google

Self explanatory really. Tests how fast your website loads.

There we have it. Our top 12 most useful tools to help manage and run your business and lighten the workload as much as possible. As always, feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries or need assistance in setting up or managing any of the above.