Trading Online Voucher Scheme: There's no better time to start selling online

More and more businesses are selling their products and services online. Some are doing it in tandem with their normal brick and mortar premises, and others are making the switch to a fully digital only store front. Whatever the reason, there is no better time to start selling online.

It doesn't have to be physical products for your online store. You can sell services and digital products like music, books, classes, courses, vouchers etc.

Here at Squawk Creative, we have worked with, and are currently working with, many clients including sole traders and small businesses who want to sell online. We offer numerous options and platforms to our clients in order for them to achieve their goals. A universal factor in all projects though is money.

The cost of setting up an eCommerce store can sometimes seem like it's too much of an initial outlay for smaller businesses. While we offer lots of flexible payment methods for those that need it, we also have more clients taking advantage of the Local Enterprise Offices (LEO) Trading Online Voucher Scheme.

What's that?

In a nutshell, its a grant provided by your LEO which covers 50% (up to €2500) of the cost of the development of your new eCommerce site.

Sounds Great, so What do I need to do now?

There are only a few conditions you need to meet and fulfill in order to qualify for the grant. These include:

  • Have no more than 10 employees;
  • Have less than €2m in turnover;
  • Your business must be trading for at least 12 months and
  • be located in the region of the local enterprise office to whom they are applying

If you meet that criteria you just get in touch with your nearest LEO and follow their direction. There are a few other T & C's which they will walk you through.

Anything else that I need to know?

Not really, your LEO can give you all the information you need. You generally need to have around 3 quotes from different companies for your project and you then choose your desired studio that you'd like to work with.

The work must be completed within a few months of being awarded the grant and it requires you to pay the full cost yourself up front and you then get reimbursed your 50% up to €2500 at the end upon completion with proof of payment and that the project has been finished. 

We have found it an excellent and popular scheme with our clients and over 2000 businesses in Ireland have availed of it so far. For more information, you can get in touch with us for a chat or a quote or anything else you need and we'd be happy to help.