We use cookies on the site. Gasp! Now, all this means is that certains bits of standard regular information about your browser mainly, are stored for if you ever come back and visit the site again. Nothing personal about you is saved, sold or given to external parties. We also use cookies to see how what pages our users visit and how they use the site so we can improve our design and user experience. Feel better?


Any information collected or shared with Squawk Creative is kept for record purposes only and not sold, shared or divulged with any third parties except under legal directive. The client has the right to request any or all information kept by Squawk Creative about them or their project by contacting Squawk Creative. We do not store any financial information relating to Clients and use these details for payments / refunds and tax purposes only after which it is destroyed via shredding or digital deletion.

We may keep a record of log in details etc over the course of a project to facilitate maintenance and development but these details will be forwarded to the client and then deleted and / or destoryed upon final payment for the project. It is up to the client to keep these details safe for future work and Squawk Creative take no responsibility for any lost information / details on the clients end.

The Client has the right to opt out of any automatic correspondance at any time by following the links on the emails or by contacting us directly.

Why we value your privacy

We value your privacy as much as we do our own, so we’re committed to keeping your personal and business information safe. We’re uncomfortable with the information companies, governments, and other organisations keep on file, so we ask for only the bare minimum from our customers. We’ll never use your personal information for any reason other than why you gave it, and we’ll never give anyone access to it unless we’re forced to by law.

How we collect information

We ask for contact information including your name, email address, and phone number, on our website so that we can reply to your enquiry.

Our website uses cookies that collect basic information about the activity on our site. We use analytics to see how many people use our site but don't track anyone individually. Social media ‘like’ or ‘sharing’ buttons aren't used to build profiles of your internet activity.

We collect your email address when you sign up for one of our newsletters.

Occasionally, we might receive your contact information from one of our partners or from a referral source. If we do, we protect it in exactly the same way as if you give it to us directly.

What information we hold

  • When you contact us by email or through our website, we collect your name, email address and phone number, if you’ve given us that.
  • If you sign up for a newsletter, we only collect your email address.
  • If you do business with us, we also collect your business name and bank details but only keep records of the invoices we send you and the payments you make. Financial data is deleted or shredded.
  • We may collect, during the course of a project, login details for various accounts and services on your behalf, once the project is finished these are handed over to the client and / or deleted immediately.

Where we store your information

When you contact us by email or through our website, we save your information to Gmail which is protected by 2 factor authentication. We also save your name, phone number and email address in our CRM platform HubSpot so we can contact you if we need to. We chose these systems partly for their commitment to security.

What we use your information for

We use your information to send you invoices, statements, or reminders. We might occasionally use your contact information to send you details of our products and services. When we do, you have the option to unsubscribe from these communications and we won’t send them to you again. We might also email or phone you about our products and services, but if you tell us not to, we won’t get in touch again.

Who’s responsible for your information at our company

Alan, our Creative Director, is responsible for the security of your information. You can contact him by email at alan AT squawkcreative DOT ie or by phone on 021 4861376.  if you have any concerns.

Who has access to information about you

When we store information in our own systems, only Squawk employees have access.

The steps we take to keep your information private

Where we store your information in third-party services, we restrict access only to people who need it. We use a different password for each service.

The computers we use are all  protected by unique passcode access. These computers ask for authentication whenever they’re started or after 5 minutes of inactivity. Our mobile devices are also protected by passcode and facial recognition.

How to complain

We take complaints very seriously. If you’ve any reason to complain about the ways we handle your privacy, please contact us by email at hello AT squawkcreative DOT ie or by phone on 021 4861376. 

Changes to the policy

If we change the contents of this policy, those changes will become effective the moment we publish them on our website.